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The word of our distiller

Welcome to a place where, thanks to some crazy courage, Svach distillery was founded as a unique project, strictly tied up with the brewery. We are going to follow the Czech tradition and distil fruit brandies.

However, our plan to produce whisky is an extraordinary idea in the Czech Republic, especially in this quite large scale.

We might be called insane, but we are looking another two hundred to four hundred years ahead here.

It is history in the making and it is exciting to be a part of it. I would like to emphasize here that there is a very long journey ahead of us, full of learning, humility and respect. I know that it is impossible to avoid mistakes, but our faith and the goal that we are aiming for will always be here to give us the strength to go ahead and start building a tradition of making whisky in Český Krumlov.

And you have a chance to be a part of it all, and observe this development with us.

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Svachova Lhotka 1
382 32 Mirkovice

Reception: +420 774 499 812
Restaurant: +420 602 484 468


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