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Congress hall with the capacity of 80 people


Our modern and elegantly equipped congress hall radiates the spirit of the original historical building which served as a barn. Our Congress Hall is one of a kind. It was created by sensitive reconstruction of the barn which preserved the existing roof frame and the high roof of the barn. In 2013, when the brewery was established, the high ceiling of the congress hall was lowered, and Glokner brewery was built over the congress hall. It has gone a long way from the original magical convention hall, and it is a much cozier place now.


The hall is equipped with quality lighting that can be adjusted to the type of event which takes place there. There is a projector with a projection screen, flipchart pad and WiFi connection throughout the hall. We also decorate the room according to the type of event. Congress Hall is interconnected with the brewhouse, which has a bar used directly for events held in these facitities. We can also extend the capacity for our clients by using the foyer of the Congress or opening the poolside terrace, which is a popular spot to cut the wedding cake in case a wedding takes place at our place, and has a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.

Ask our event manager for the Congress Hall layout, and layout options for various events!

TEE HOUSE wine bar with the capacity of 25 people


The Depandance Tee House lounge is suitable for smaller events and its main advantage is its location – there will be nothing to disturb you here.

As a part of the background, there is a kitchenette and a toilet. You can use a projector with a projection screen, flipchart and of course there is WiFi connection.

We can also provide a „coffee break“ on request, or open a Glok beer KEG.

GLOKNER tavern with the capacity of 70 people


We will reserve a part of the restaurant for your celebration, or a separate table in the front part. You can choose meals and refreshments from our menu, or we can prepare a special menu for the occasion on request.

On cold days, our guests will certainly appreciate the fireplace, which underlines the pleasant homely atmosphere of the restaurant. In nice weather, we recommend a pleasant sit-down in comfortable armchairs or on rural benches in the cozy courtyard, or two terraces which offer seating for up to 100 people.

Tasting Room in Svach Distillery with the capacity of 35 people

Svachova L

    A unique space in the newly constructed building of the distillery with its own bar.

   You'll love the views of the distillation column areas where we prepare our own spirits, and    the cellar where our whisky matures in barrels...



SPILKA Lounge with the capacity of 15 people

An attractive part of the lobby bar overlooking the fermenting room and our brewery storage space guarrantees the originality of your meeting.

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