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The foundation of our beer selection is Czech lager. In this category, we cook 12% light beer and half-dark beer all year round. Besides these, we also offer a lot of specials, which are also worth trying out.


There are several reasons why we decided to brew our own beer. For one, we simply enjoy the ever-changing yet constant process, and also the research in a very, very wide area of ​​beer flavours, aromas, colours and distinctions.

Our brewer

Our new brewer Jakub Vlček is a new impuls to our brewery. He is experienced from Malt brewery...

pivovarDuring the construction of our brewery, we had no choice but to face several obstacles. It was a tough task to fit the device into the space, which we intended to use for gastro-private events, and at the same time maintain the industrial interior (which was the intention of our architect). Additionally, we could not utilize underground space for the maturation of beer, simply because there was none. And given the age of the building, we had not been recommended to build one.

Thus we decided to take advantage of the height of the existing building and the new building space, which was being built next door. We placed some of the brewery's technological equipment into the ground floor of the new building, and rebuilt the first floor of the old building to fit in the remainder of the technology. A plan was implemented, in which we placed the brewhouse and wort cooler to the ground floor and deployed the „cellar facilities“ on the first floor. Then there was a question of finding the right technology provider that would be open to our ideas. After a very thorough selection process, we chose a brewing company Pivo Praha and the head person Jan Šuráň to become our supplier. The correctness of the choice was proven when we presented our idea of what the brewery should look like.

Svachuv Dvur-2015-photo-Zdenek Sluka-0024

The brewhouse was made of stainless steel, using technical design; we made steamships between cooking pots in the form of a "bridge" and led the condensate out of the building. Because we placed the stocks of malt and malt grist above the brewhouse, we managed to work out even the grist feed and created a simple "mash tun". Thus, we commemorated an original element of old breweries. We fit the wort cooler in a niche that served us also as a space through which we lead the piping for the wort, sanitation, and cooling medium. We closed the entire brewhouse with simple and elegant stainless steel railings.

On the first floor we placed both fermenting vats and lager tanks. We did not want to cool the entire space, so we decided to use duplicate vessels, which allowed us to cool each tank individually. We also accomplished another task - to preserve the purity of both the space inside the container, and the whole „cellar“. One part is glass fronted and the visitors can look into the fermenting cellar, where beer ferments, and feast the eyes on the diversity of the foam that occurs during the process, but can also overlook the maturation sector. The disposition allowed us to hide the cooler for storing beer in containers so they do not interfere with the architectural character of the cellar. Other auxiliary machinery we hid in a space out of visitors' sight.

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